Google Rebrands Bard Chatbot as Gemini, With New Subscription Option

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Mountain View, CA – February 9, 2024 – Google, a pioneer in artificial intelligence technology, has announced a significant rebranding of its AI service from Google Bard to Gemini. This strategic move signifies Google’s commitment to enhancing its AI offerings and providing users with cutting-edge technology.

Gemini, the newly rebranded AI model, has been powered by the advanced Gemini Pro 1.0 AI model. Available in over 230 countries and supporting more than 40 languages, Gemini is a powerful and versatile AI chatbot that offers users a seamless conversational experience. Users can interact with Gemini through text or voice commands, making it a truly multimodal AI assistant.

Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, stated, “Gemini is our next-generation AI assistant, capable of providing a seamless and personalized experience for our users.” Google also introduced Gemini Ultra, a premium plan offering enhanced features and functionalities for subscribers.

While Gemini is free to use for all users, Google has also introduced Gemini Advanced, powered by the potent Gemini Ultra 1.0 model. After a complimentary 2-month trial period, users can subscribe to Gemini Advanced for $20/€22/£19/₹1,950 as part of the Google One AI Premium Plan. This subscription includes 2TB of storage and other premium benefits offered by Google One.

Sissie Hsiao, General Manager for Google Assistant, shared insights into the rebranding, “We are thrilled to announce the launch of Gemini Advanced, a new app and subscription plan that brings unprecedented AI capabilities to our users. By rebranding Bard as Gemini, we are enhancing our AI offerings and empowering users with state-of-the-art technology.”

Google has further expanded Gemini’s reach by integrating it into popular services like Gmail and Google Docs. Initially referred to as “Duet AI,” Gemini’s integration into these platforms will enhance users’ productivity and streamline their workflow. Gemini Advanced is now available in 150+ countries, starting with English language support with plans for further expansion in the near future.

Users can access Gemini through the web interface or download the Gemini app for Android and iOS devices. On Android phones, Gemini replaces the Google Assistant, offering a seamless transition for users familiar with voice-controlled AI assistants. You can activate Gemini by saying “Hey Google” or using traditional methods like pressing the power button.

Gemini’s capabilities extend beyond simple tasks like setting timers or making calls. It can generate images, summarize articles, assist with coding tasks, and even help users prepare for job interviews. With its powerful AI technology, Gemini aims to revolutionize how users engage with AI assistants and chatbots.

Google’s rebranding of Bard to Gemini marks a new era in AI technology, showcasing the company’s dedication to innovation and excellence. The launch of Gemini underscores Google’s vision of building a true AI assistant that caters to users’ diverse needs and enhances their digital experiences.

For more information about Gemini and its features, visit the official Google website or download the Gemini app today. Stay tuned for updates on Gemini’s continuous evolution and its integration into additional Google services.

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