Microsoft Unveils AI-Powered New Copilot Key for Windows 11 PCs

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  • Microsoft Unveils AI-Powered New Copilot Key for Windows 11 PCs, transforming PC keyboards after 30 years.
  • AI-powered Copilot Key enhances productivity and unlocks AI features on Windows 11 PCs.
  • The Year of the AI PC begins with Microsoft’s groundbreaking Copilot Key innovation.

Las Vegas, January 4, 2024 – Today at CES, Microsoft unveiled its latest innovation that marks the first significant change to the Windows PC keyboard in nearly three decades – the introduction of the Copilot Key. This transformative addition to Windows 11 PCs is set to redefine the way users interact with their devices in an increasingly intelligent computing future where AI will be seamlessly woven into the Windows operating system.

The Copilot Key, powered by Microsoft’s partnership with OpenAI, brings a new level of productivity and convenience to users. With this AI-powered key, Microsoft aims to make AI experiences more accessible and intuitive for everyone. “We believe this marks the first significant change in nearly 30 years,” said Yusuf Mehdi, Executive Vice President and Consumer Chief Marketing Officer at Microsoft. “It represents a significant shift toward a more personal and intelligent computing future.”

The Copilot Key will launch Windows Search with a single press, making it easier than ever for users to find files, programs, and information on their PCs. Additionally, the key will enable users to access AI-powered features such as generative AI for creating content, an AI chatbot for assistance, and much more.

Mehdi highlighted the importance of this milestone in Microsoft’s journey with Windows, stating, “The year of the AI PC is upon us, and Microsoft will be ushering in this new era with the introduction of the Copilot Key.” He further emphasized that this innovation will be showcased in upcoming Surface devices and Windows 11 PCs from Microsoft’s ecosystem partners.

The Copilot Key builds on Microsoft’s commitment to integrating AI technology into everyday computing tasks. It represents a fundamental shift in how users interact with their devices, enabling them to unleash the full potential of AI on their PCs.

For more information on this groundbreaking development, please visit Microsoft’s booth at CES or contact our media relations department.

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