NVIDIA Unveils Chat with RTX AI Chatbot for PCs

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  • NVIDIA Introduces “Chat with RTX” AI Chatbot for Personalized User Experiences
  • Empowering Users with Localized AI Capabilities on Windows PCs
  • Innovative AI Technology: NVIDIA’s “Chat with RTX” Redefines User Interactions

February 19, 2024 – NVIDIA has officially launched “Chat with RTX,” an innovative AI chatbot powered by NVIDIA RTX GPUs. This chatbot, leveraging the latest GeForce RTX 30 series GPUs, introduces personalized AI capabilities to enhance user interactions.

Personalized AI Experience on Windows PCs

“Chat with RTX” is a cutting-edge AI chatbot that runs locally on your PC, ensuring that user data stays secure. By utilizing NVIDIA TensorRT-LLM software and RTX acceleration, this chatbot offers a generative AI experience like never before.

Users can personalize their chatbot with their own content, making it a unique and tailored experience. This cloud-based chatbot also supports various file formats, including large language models such as Mistral or Llama 2.

Enhanced AI Capabilities and Localized Performance

The chatbot’s retrieval-augmented generation is accelerated by TensorRT-LLM technology, providing efficient responses to user queries. With at least 8GB of VRAM and the latest NVIDIA GPU drivers, “Chat with RTX” ensures smooth performance on GeForce-powered Windows PCs.

Running locally on Windows 10 or 11, this chatbot caters to the PC master race community’s love for personalized AI experiences. Users can interact with the chatbot using natural language and search through documents effortlessly.

NVIDIA’s “Chat with RTX” represents a significant step in AI technology, offering a demo app that lets users dive into the capabilities of the TensorRT-LLM Rag developer reference project. This open-source solution continues to evolve, addressing security and privacy concerns while delivering personalized responses to user queries.

For more information on “Chat with RTX” and how it leverages NVIDIA’s latest GPU technology, watch the YouTube video demonstration showcasing its AI capabilities. Join the millions of users exploring the future of AI chatbots with NVIDIA’s groundbreaking innovation.

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