Stability AI Launches Stable Code 3B for Enhanced Coding Assistance

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  • Stability AI has launched Stable Code 3B, a revolutionary code assistance tool with three billion parameters, setting a new benchmark in code generation and completion.

  • Stable Code 3B outperforms existing models, providing superior code completion quality and efficiently filling in missing sections in existing code.

  • Unlike larger models, Stable Code 3B is designed to run efficiently on readily available hardware like laptops, making it accessible and convenient for developers.

January 17, 2024Stability AI, a leading provider of advanced artificial intelligence solutions, is pleased to announce the release of Stable Code 3B, a groundbreaking development in the field of coding assistance. This release marks a significant milestone in the company’s commitment to empowering developers with cutting-edge language models and code completion capabilities.

Stable Code 3B, with its three billion parameters, sets a new benchmark in code generation and assistance. This generative AI product outperforms existing models like Stable LM 3B by providing superior code completion quality. It is designed to fill in missing sections in existing code, making software development more efficient and seamless.

Unlike larger models that require expensive hardware, Stable Code 3B is specifically designed to run efficiently on readily available hardware like laptops. This allows developers to harness its power and capabilities without the need for extensive computing resources.

“Our goal with Stable Code 3B is to provide developers with a compact language model that operates on portable digital devices like handhelds and laptops,” said John Doe, CEO of Stability AI. “We understand the importance of having a coding assistant that can keep up with the demands of modern programming languages, such as Python and JavaScript.”

Stable Code 3B offers an array of features that enable developers to write code with confidence and precision. Its parameter-rich architecture allows for enhanced code generation, ensuring the generation of accurate and contextually appropriate code snippets. The code completion functionality assists developers in writing new lines of code effortlessly and significantly reduces coding errors.

With Stable Code 3B, Stability AI continues to push the boundaries of generative AI technology. The model’s stability and accuracy make it a valuable tool for various use cases, from web development to natural language processing and image generation.

Stability AI is committed to fostering innovation and collaboration in the developer community. As part of that commitment, the company is pleased to announce the launch of the new Stability AI Membership, providing exclusive access to advanced features and updates.

Stability AI’s Stable Code 3B is now available for commercial use and can be integrated seamlessly into existing software development workflows. For more information about Stability AI and its products, please visit

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Stability AI is a leading provider of advanced artificial intelligence solutions, specializing in language models and code assistance tools. With a focus on stability and efficiency, Stability AI aims to empower developers with cutting-edge technologies that streamline software development processes. For more information, please visit

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