Facecheck ID

Facecheck ID
Tool Name Facecheck ID
Publisher Eldhose Apps
Released October 26,2023
Users 5M
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In the era of technology, online platforms and dating websites have become an indispensable aspect of our daily routines. Despite their convenience and ability to facilitate connections, they also pose certain dangers, such as encountering individuals with malicious motives. This is where Facecheck ID steps in, offering a robust AI solution for ensuring online safety.

What is Facecheck ID?

Facecheck ID is an AI tool that allows users to check a person’s photo against millions of faces from different online sources.

This tool provides a thorough safety measure for online interactions, which is especially important in the age of online dating and social media. It helps users protect themselves from potential abusers, romance scammers, hate crime perpetrators, and catfish.

How Does Facecheck ID AI Tool Work?

Utilizing Facecheck ID is a simple and uncomplicated procedure. All you need to do is upload the photo of the person you wish to verify. The tool will then analyze the image and cross-reference it with its vast database, which encompasses profiles of individuals involved in various crimes such as abuse, child rapists, assault, kidnapping, murder, burglary, gang activity, fugitive status, terrorism, and fraud.

Unlike generic image search tools, Facecheck ID offers a specialized facial recognition technology that aids in identifying potential security threats. Its intuitive interface and step-by-step instructions make navigating the platform effortless for people from all walks of life.

Advance Use Cases and Features of Facecheck ID

Here are some benefits of using Facecheck ID:

Confirm the Identity

Facecheck ID enable users to verify someone’s authenticity by uploading their photo. This function ensures that the person you’re interacting with online is real, creating a safer and more reliable connection.

Uncover Online Presence

Users can explore a person’s social media profile appearances in blogs, videos, and news websites. This feature provides a comprehensive understanding of an individual’s online presence, promoting transparency and trustworthiness.

Background Check

Facecheck ID compares a person’s photo to millions of faces from various sources such as mugshot databases, sex offender websites, and news archives. This helps identify potential threats and keeps your family safe from violent criminals, sex offenders, kidnappers, abusers, molester, murderers, hate crime perpetrators, burglars, gang members, fugitives, terrorists, online dating scammers, romance scammers, as well as other fraudsters.

Detect Catfish

The tool assists users in exposing catfishes or fake dating profiles by cross-referencing photos to detect deceptive online personas. It safeguards users from emotional and financial harm.

Business and Professional Security

Facecheck ID prevents users from dealing with swindlers or convicts when conducting business. It is a valuable resource for identifying con artists and ensuring secure business interactions.

Personal Safety

Facecheck ID app is essential for uncovering abusers and sex offenders/pedophiles through photo scanning. It empowers individuals to protect themselves and their loved ones from potential threats.

Verify Video Authenticity

Facecheck ID can also authenticate video reviews and testimonials by finding fakes. This feature guarantees that the content and endorsements encountered online are genuine and trustworthy.

Pricing Options for FaceCheck ID

Here are the pricing options for FaceCheck ID:

Free Plan

  • Limited to 10 searches per day using photos.
  • Basic access to view profile information.

Premium Package

  • Unlock advanced features, including reverse image search, catfish detection, and criminal background checks.
  • Choose a monthly subscription for $10.
  • Opt for an annual subscription at a discounted rate of $90.


Take control of your online interactions and ensure a safer experience with Facecheck ID. This AI tool empowers you to minimize the risk of encountering harmful individuals, giving you peace of mind in today’s internet landscape. In a world where online connections can be rewarding and risky, Facecheck ID is a reliable resource for personal safety.

Discover social media profiles and compare the photos against millions of faces from mugshot. Don’t leave your online safety to chance; choose Facecheck ID for informed decision-making when connecting with others.