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Pika Labs
Tool Name Pika Labs
Publisher Pika Labs
Released June 27, 2023
Price $10/month
Users 6M
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Pika is an innovative platform that enables users to turn their creative concepts into engaging videos through advanced AI technology. This cutting-edge tool provides three distinct methods to unleash your creativity:

  • Text-to-Video: Describe your ideas and watch Pika transform your words into lively video scenes. This feature offers endless possibilities for those who prefer expressing themselves through text.
  • Image-to-Video: Bring your favourite images to life by instructing Pika to convert them into dynamic, moving visuals. This feature lets users create dynamic videos from static photos, adding a new dimension to their visual storytelling.
  • Video-to-Video: Give a fresh perspective to existing videos by effortlessly adjusting elements within the frame or changing the style with Pika. This versatile feature allows users to refresh their content and explore various creative paths.

Editing Tools

Pika’s editing tools are crafted to elevate and simplify your creative journey:

  • Modify Region: Seamlessly implement specific adjustments within the frame by guiding Pika. This precise editing feature ensures your vision is accurately portrayed on the screen.
  • Expand Canvas: Break away from traditional video frame constraints. With a simple command, expand the canvas to create a world around your creation, offering a more immersive and expansive visual experience.
  • Extend Video Length: Have full control over your narrative by extending your video’s duration. This feature allows you to continue your story as long as needed, granting flexibility and freedom in shaping your video content.

Pika transforms the video creation process, making it more accessible and dynamic. Whether you’re an experienced video creator or a beginner exploring your creative side, Pika provides the tools to bring your ideas to life visually, strikingly and innovatively.