Tool Name Tome
Publisher Tome
Released December 10, 2020
Price $10/month
Users 4M
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In a world where impactful presentations are essential, Tome emerges as a revolutionary platform that harnesses artificial intelligence to revolutionize content creation.

AI-Powered Features for Swift Idea Articulation

Tome’s cutting-edge AI features are tailored to help users express ideas quickly and effectively, eliminating the struggle of starting from scratch. With Tome, creating presentations, one-pagers, and microsites becomes a seamless process with guided options at every turn.

Interactive Experiences: Bringing Ideas to Life

Tome stands out by seamlessly turning static pages into dynamic, interactive experiences, including the incorporation of 3D models and animations that breathe life into your concepts.

Enhanced Engagement through Integrations

By integrating with tools like Figma, Spline, and others, Tome empowers users to elevate their presentations with interactive embeds, fostering viewer engagement and participation.

Optimized Viewing Experience on All Devices

Ensuring a consistent and captivating viewing experience across devices, Tome’s dynamic, mobile-responsive layouts eliminate the need for manual adjustments and allow for easy sharing via email, text, or social media.

Immersive Presentation Mode and Analytics Tracking

Immerse audiences in your story with Tome’s full-screen presentation mode, while tracking analytics provides valuable insights into viewer engagement and interaction.

Versatile Use Cases and Template Offerings

From founders to marketers and product teams, Tome caters to diverse use cases with its range of templates designed for scenarios like fundraising pitches and product design reviews.


Tome isn’t just a tool; it’s a storytelling revolution. By simplifying content creation and enhancing quality through AI innovation, Tome is at the forefront of transforming the landscape of presentations and documents. Experience the power of Tome today and easily craft your next big idea.