Tool Name FakeYou
Publisher HeadBreyz Dev. TEAM
Released October 18,2023
Price $7/month
Users 2M
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What is FakeYou AI Tools?

FakeYou is the ultimate ai-powered text-to-speech tool that lets you speak as your favourite celebrity, least favourite politician, or even favourite character. It allows you to create your voice and make your original audio clips. FakeYou has taken the art of lipsyncing and vocal expression to an entirely different level. With its realistic-sounding voices, you can sound like anyone or anything you want!

FakeYou AI Tools is a revolutionary tool that allows you to create your voice clone for music by clone their own voice , deep fake videos, Twitch rewards, and more. This powerful tool uses advanced artificial intelligence technologies to capture the nuances and details of your unique voice. With FakeYou, you can easily create realistic and natural-sounding audio samples that sound like you recorded them.

You can also customize various aspects of the voice clone, such as pitch, tone, speed, and volume. In addition to creating your custom-made audio clips, FakeYou AI Tools also provides a library of pre-existing samples you can use or manipulate in any way you want. FakeYou is an excellent tool for anyone wanting to make personalized audio creations.

How Does FakeYou Work?

FakeYou is a deep fake text to speech software that uses advanced algorithms to transform written text into natural-sounding spoken language. Users can input their desired text and select from various voices on fakeyou, including popular characters or generic profiles.

The tool analyzes speech patterns and intonations to deliver a convincing vocal performance, which can be generated as an audio file or real-time speech output. Users can customize aspects of the voice to suit their intended character or style. FakeYou makes it easy for creators to enhance their content with captivating vocal performances.

Important Things You Know about FakeYou 

What sets FakeYou apart is its ability to offer text-to-speech conversion and face animation features, uses deep fake technology. The technology is designed to provide realistic and believable digital representations of people’s faces. It uses advanced face animator software and video lipsync technology to create lifelike avatars that can be used for different purposes, such as video games or virtual reality applications. FakeYou also provides features like facial expression control and 3D modelling, making it even easier for users to create realistic representations of themselves or others. 

The process is speedy and easy, with simple steps that can be done in minutes. Finally, the results are highly lifelike and convincing, creating a seamless transition between real-world interactions and digital experiences.

Adavnce Features of FakeYou Text to Speech AI Tool

The FakeYou AI voice generator boasts powerful features to enhance creative projects and content production. Here are some of its key attributes:

Diverse Character Voices

FakeYou is a platform that provides users with an extensive range of celebrities and characters voices. Whether you want to channel the essence of your beloved fictional characters, bring historical figures back to life, or even construct entirely new and one-of-a-kind voices, FakeYou has got you covered.

With this diverse selection, users can embody any personality they desire, making their creative endeavours all the more exciting and fulfilling.

High-Quality Audio Output

The tool is designed to provide high-quality and natural-sounding voice output, ensuring your content sounds professional and engaging. Whether you are creating a presentation, recording an audiobook, or developing a podcast, the tool ensures that the tone of your content remains informative.

With its advanced deepfake text-to-speech technology, it delivers a voice that captivates listeners with its clarity and precision, compellingly presenting information.

Voice Customization

Users can fine-tune a range of voice parameters, such as pitch, speed, and tone. This allows them to achieve the desired voice characteristics that best suit their projects.

Whether it’s a professional presentation or a creative audio production, users have complete control over how their message is delivered. With an extensive library boasting more than 3013 voices, there is no shortage of options to find the perfect tone for conveying information effectively.

Real-Time Conversion

FakeYou can enhance your live broadcasts, gaming experience, and interactive content by utilizing real-time text-to-speech conversions. This innovative feature instantly converts written text into spoken words, providing a seamless and engaging experience for your audience.

Whether hosting a live stream or creating interactive content, this technology ensures that your messages are conveyed with clarity and impact. You can captivate your viewers and immerse them in a dynamic audio experience with real-time text-to-speech conversions.

Multilingual Support

The Fakeyou web-based tool tool is highly versatile and supports multiple languages and accents, making it an invaluable resource for a global audience. With the ability to cater to different linguistic backgrounds, this tool opens up new possibilities for multilingual content creation.

Whether creating audio content for an international audience or adding voice-overs in various languages, this tool ensures that information can effectively communicate across boundaries and language barriers.

Easy Integration

The fakeyou is an ai tool specifically designed to seamlessly integrate into various platforms and software, ensuring its accessibility for a wide range of applications. Users can easily incorporate it into their systems without hassle or compatibility issues.

Whether using it for data analysis, project management, or communication purposes, this tool will smoothly blend with your preferred platform and software, providing an efficient and user-friendly experience.

Creative Freedom

FakeYou is a powerful deep fake text-to-speech ai voice generator that allows content creators to enhance their videos, podcasts, music, and live streams with a distinctive and captivating vocal element. Whether you are engaging with your audience through various mediums, FakeYou gives you the ability to create a unique and immersive experience for your listeners.

With its wide range of features and easy-to-use interface, FakeYou provides valuable resources for individuals looking to elevate their content to the next level.

User-Friendly Interface

The tool is designed with an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it accessible for beginners and experienced creators. Its simplicity ensures that users can easily navigate the various features without hassle.

Whether you are just starting or have years of experience, this tool provides a seamless experience for all levels of expertise.

Content Enhancement

FakeYou can enhance your content’s overall value and attractiveness by utilizing this powerful tool. It becomes an indispensable resource for individuals involved in content creation, marketing, and storytelling. Elevating the quality and appeal of your content is invaluable, allowing you to captivate your audience more effectively.

Whether you are a content creator looking to engage your viewers or a marketer aiming to attract customers, this tool provides essential features to help achieve your goals.

Use Cases of FakeYou 

FakeYou has a diverse range of applications across multiple industries and creative endeavours. Here are some notable use cases for FakeYou:

  • Content Creation: FakeYou empowers content creators to add lifelike voices to their videos, podcasts, and animations, enhancing the appeal and engagement of their work.
  • Video Games: Game developers use FakeYou to provide unique voices to in-game characters, making the gaming experience more immersive and dynamic.
  • Accessibility: FakeYou’s use in creating digital content accessible to individuals with visual impairments is a critical and inclusive application, ensuring equal access to information.
  • E-Learning: The tool generate audio content, making online courses and tutorials more engaging and effective for learners.
  • Livestreaming and Podcasting: Streamers and podcasters leverage FakeYou for character voices, intros, outros, and interactive chatbot interactions, enhancing their content’s quality.
  • Virtual Assistants and Chatbots: Businesses integrate FakeYou into their virtual assistants and chatbots, delivering more engaging and natural customer interactions.

Pros and Cons


  • Fakeyou Provides entertainment value by allowing users to create realistic audio clips of celebrity voices and cartoon favorite characters.
  • It Can be used for creative purposes, such as creating voiceovers for animations, videos, or podcasts.
  • It offers a fun way to impersonate famous personalities without needing professional voice acting skills.
  • It Helps individuals practice and improve their voice-acting abilities by mimicking different characters.
  • The AI Tool Allows people with speech impairments or disabilities to communicate using the voices of well-known figures.


  • Fakeyou raises ethical concerns as it can enable the creation and spread of fake audio content.
  • It may infringe on copyright laws if used without permission from celebrities or companies owning the characters’ rights.
  • It could contribute to misinformation if manipulated audio clips are shared as genuine recordings of celebrities or public figures.
  • It Poses a risk for identity theft or fraud if misused to create deceptive phone calls or messages pretending to be someone else.
  • The tool can potentially perpetuate harmful stereotypes by enabling the misuse of character voices in offensive or discriminatory ways.

Pricing Option in 2023

Here are the pricing tiers and their api based features for FakeYou:

  • Plus plan: $7/month, standard processing priority, unlimited text-to-speech, audio clips up to 30 seconds, voice-to-voice up to 4 minutes, video creation up to 1 minute, and access to feature updates.
  •  Pro plan: $15/month, faster processing priority, unlimited TTS, voice clips up to 1 minute, private model upload, voice-to-voice up to 5 minutes, video creation up to 2 minutes, access to feature updates.
  • Elite plan: $25/month, fastest processing priority, unlimited text-to-speech, audio clips up to 2 minutes, private model upload and sharing, unlimited voice-to-voice, video creation up to 2 minutes, access to Commercial Voices, access to feature updates.


FakeYou is a revolutionary platform that harnesses the power of deep fake technology to generate the audio clips of celebrity and cartoon characters. Its advanced algorithms, machine learning, and vast database allow users to create customized voiceovers for various purposes, including entertainment, marketing, and more.

This cutting-edge technology opens up endless possibilities for creative content creation and offers a convenient solution for those needing high-quality voice recordings. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to explore this groundbreaking tool – sign up now and experience the future of audio production firsthand. Start creating lifelike voices today with FakeYou!